unique matrimonial Ideas

India has a whole different prospect for wedding, Matrimony is been one of the important work to be performed by individual Getting married and start your own family is a part of one of 4 ashrams that is been defined in Hindu texts. These 4 ashrams are

  1. Brahmcharya ( The Student phase)
  2. Grahastha Ashram (The family phase )
  3. Vanprastha Ashram ( the Retirement phase )
  4. Sanyas Ashram ( The ascetic phase)

NO doubt that each phase covers around 25 years and to start phase 2 you need to get married

unique matrimonial Ideas

As per a survey published in BBC , most Indian marriages are arranged , where family member search for a betterhalf based on some criteria , Cast and religion been on top of it .

In a 2018 survey of more than 160,000 households, 93% of married Indians said that theirs was an arranged marriage. Just 3% had a “love marriage” and another 2% described theirs as a “love-cum-arranged marriage”, which usually indicates that the relationship was set up by the families, and then the couple agreed to get married.

Arrange Marriage is not only a part of Indian culture but also a big and thriving business. and this business is not limited to event planning for BIG FAT wallet wedding of India, But expanding its wings in Match making as well

IN recent decades Indian Matrimonial market has witness a steep growth in Match Making services specially the Online Match Making services what we call it as Matrimonial websites

Bharatmatrimony , Shaadi.com and Jeevansaathi been the major stack holder in this , There are many small players and startup coming up with some unique idea and target particular sector of society

Have a look at some of mot taboo, weird Matrimonial websites

  1. DisabledMatrimonial.com :- This Matrimonial website is dedicated to provide Match making service to people with a physical disablity. DisabledMatrimonial.com is a matrimony portal catering to the special matrimonial needs of the persons with disabilities across india and other countries. The portal has been designed exclusively for those who are persons with disabilities themselves or are interested to marry with a person with disabilities.

2. https://marryadevotee.com :- It seems like Marry devotee is been funded by ISKCON, or either the founder of website must be a very religious person. MarryADevotee.com has the largest number of Bhaktas & Bhaktins – Krishna devotees from ISKCON – Gaudiya Matha, Vaisnavas & Vaisnavis from all branches of Vaishnavism.

3. faangshaadi.com :- This is one of the most weird name we have ever come across our entire journey of Matrimonial script business . FAANG stands for Facebook , Amazon , Apple , Netflix, Google .

This means that only employees of these top tech companies are able to register there and to be a part of this matrimony you should be a employee of these big tech companies

it offers Search, sort and filter based on YoE (years of experience), CTC (compensation), stocks vested, LeetCode rank.

It seems more like a april fool Joke rather than real Matrimonial website

4. http://youngachieversmatrimony.com/ :- This Matrimony is very much dedicated to Rich and young entrepreneurs , IAS, IPS , top bureaucrats , Graduates from Top Universities like IIM , IIT etc.

This Matrimonial came in limelight when it published an advertisement mentioning beautiful girls as a achievement in one of the newspaper

Many of the users criticise the act to taking beautiful as a achievement

5. https://www.artoflivingmatrimony.org :- This is another matrimonial website that aim to connect two individual with same spiritual values into a matrimonial knot

The Art of Living Matrimony is a platform to bring people with similar life values together. Today, we have thousands of happy marriages and several continue to happen through this platform. We believe in safety and trust and hence the platform provides 100% mobile verified profiles. We understand the needs of today’s youngsters and the platform is built to give members complete control through easy-to-use interfaces and features that can help them identify, filter and contact potential life partners. Besides online, we have a strong presence across India via the matrimony workshops held at multiple locations from time to time announced and registered on this website. Our purpose is to build a better, more peaceful,world by enabling happy families with a commitment to share & serve together!

The list is still growing as we will be Keep Posting new updates on regular basis .Many players in India are providing Matrimonial script that allows your startups to launch Matrimonials in very budgeted price