Matrimonial Script in NodeJs and Wordpress

Court Ordered Matrimonial firm to Pay Rs. 55000/-

Mr. Amrik Singh from Mohali Punjab has filed allegation against Wedding wish Private Ltd , for not providing a suitable match for her daughter who is MD in Pathology

Mr Amrik Singh got a premium Membership worth Rs 50,000 On the portal for her daughter , As per the membership , Wedding Wish pvt Ltd has to provide

The company promised to upload 21 profiles to the portal in nine months, but when this didn’t happen, they extended the contract on October 8 and offered an extra 10 profiles, and then on July 24 they added six more profiles. The complaint said that the offered profiles were not appropriate and that they had repeatedly sent the same profiles repeatedly and some bogus ones too.

District Consumer redressed forum found that the vendor is not giving proper attention to the complaint , the Email communication shows that profiles were repeated , Some are bogus and this led to court gave a decree that vendor has to refund Rs 45000 (after deduction of Rs 5000 as administrative charges) + Rs 5000 as compensation and Rs 5000 as Litigation charges in total Rs 55000/-

These type of cases reduces the goodwill of Matrimonial business overall. People Must take care about choosing the right matrimonial platform to search life partner ,

Member must ensure that Matrimonial website they are choosing follows the basic guidelines as per Ministry of women and child welfare , Govt of India , to read more on below link

How to choose a trustworthy Matrimonial website

There are more than 10,000 Plus matrimonial beuros working online and Offline in India, and its hard to find the best Matrimonial platform to search for a life partner. and the number of online Matrimonial has increased many folds in recent years after public listing of ( a Bharat matrimony venture) in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). There are many vendors on Internet that provides readymade Matrimonial scripts , which helps these matrimonial websites to start without a proper legal formalities

Although Government of India has issued a guidelines for Matrimonial website , but these are just guidelines and are non Mandatory follow these guidelines. Apart from Govt guideline, ready matrimony has launched a checklist for common people to make sure they choose a better Matrimonial platform . Please check out the following link

7 tips to choose best Matrimonial website to register

Matrimonial is something that effect our life in long period, In India Marriage is not a contract rather is it termed as most holy ritual in one’s life, According to Vedas , marriage is one of the 16 vital Sanskar called as Panigrahan Sanskar. Its is been a knot tied for next 7 births and therefore it is required that utmost care should be given while choosing the

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