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Your quest for Matrimonial script ends here

/ Why to start a Matrimonial business ?

India is a country with the largest youth Population in the world and Match making is one of the key service that is been required when it somces to marriage . In India still we have a great culture of arrange marriage and thats reason , Indian Matrimony market witness some the major industry giants , Likes , and has become India’s and probably world first Match making service to get listed in Share Market and Major Stock Exchange and has offered promising results to investors

HOW to Choose best Matrimonial Script?

Matrimony market is not so easy to enter and requires a lots of efforts to make match making success , Its a Business that runs of GOODWILL , and this takes times to create a goodwill in the market .

Their are two methods to enter Matrimony Market Say for Online Matrimony or Offline Matrimony

IN Offline Matrimony , a person manages the entire database and manages Match making process on a set criteria , this require Manual work , VErification and managing files and paper etc

Offline Matrimonial is ideal if a person is a social working on a limited scale for a particular community etc . The scope of expansion is very limited since the data is huge to manage

For this we have Online Matrimonial , where A system is created to drive the entire process of Matrimonial and match making on a auto pilot mode. User has convienanc to manage their profile on the go with , find prospect match , Connect through exchange of Contact details , or through the platform’s Live chat

Although there are many who runs a hybrid system to manage a co – ordinativey system of Online and Offline Matrimony

How to Choose a Best Matrimony Script ?

To choose a Matrimony script first we should understand the requirement and budget we will like to spend in deep .

Wheather Android and iOS is required or not .

DO we need a advance database system to handle hundreds of Matrimonial profile

What is our mode of Operations

What is the purpose of Running a Matrimonial , Is it for Business or social service based

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